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[10/31 OPEN] Aesthetic Event Adopts!I'm going to go ahead and keep a journal log of of the adopts for :iconthemedadoptables: aesthetic event as it's posted, mostly so I can look at all the thumbs side by side, and for a quick-ref of what's open and what isn't once there get to be a lot of them. You can also see previews of how the coming days I've got finished but haven't posted yet will be attained!
Day 01: CLOSED | Day 02: CLOSED | DAY 03: CLOSED | DAY 04: CLOSED | DAY 05: CLOSED
DAY 06: CLOSED | DAY 07: CLOSED | DAY 08: PENDING | DAY 09: OPEN - set price| DAY 10: CLOSED
DAY 11: CLOSED | DAY 12: OPEN - set price | DAY 13: CLOSED | DAY 14: CLOSED| DAY 15: CLOSED
DAY 16: OPEN - set price | DAY 17: CLOSED | DAY 18: OPEN - set price | DA
[OPEN] Selling/Trading old characters!!!I've added more characters to my UFT/UFS folder on after clearing out some of my old art folders, so if you're interested(or if you just wanna see how bad my art was back in 2010!!) check out the link:
trades are accepted on all of them, though obviously the sale ones I would prefer cash.
You can offer
~ money/points(where possible- I won't accept money or points on UFT only charas obviously)
~ Characters( see my Character Wishlist for an idea of what to offer! I'm very picky!)
~ Art(I am fairly picky here, so please don't be upset if I say no!)
Please DON'T offer
~ insane amounts of art(100 sketches/art slaves/etc). Quality over quantity, friends.
~ Customs/MYOs - the exception to this being the species listed on my wishlist. 
~ any cash/point amount lower than what I have listed(ex: do not offer 5 points for something I say I want $12 on)
Please feel free to comment
Ved'ma Kosti Guest Designer Applications [OPEN]Hello! Every now and then, FlockOfBones will be accepting guest designers for VK adopts! If you are approved, you will be allowed to sell your your desings, & keep 100% of the profit. This is a one-time deal, however, and the next time guest designer slots open, you will not be automatically approved and will need to re-apply. You do not need to own a VK to apply to be a guest designer, however do keep in mind that you will not be able to keep your designs! You must sell them for an appropriate price. If you would like to use one of your guest designer slots to make a DTA/OTA design, please let me know so I can consider it.
Each rarity has a minimum price, and adopts of that rarity cannot be sold for less than that minimum. Note that only rare & mythic tiers can be sold by auction.
Please note: These slots are not first-come first serve. I am choosing who I think will best portray my species, and bring them to life! I will be responding to each a
[LF] Male OCs (Beefy/Manly preferred!)I need more muscley men in my life, so I'm looking for character trades/adopts.
Please don't offer anything besides male designs(can be any species, though!), as I'm not looking for anything else!
I'm not looking for femboys either, really- I'm mostly looking for really manly beefy/bara types(think MCU Captain America/Bucky Barnes/Thor! Muscles are gooood!)
I can offer:
Anybody from here: MYO of my species(rarity will depend on what you offer):

One of the open adopts from these folders(will be more picky with the ones marked set price than those marked OTA): - I don't have a specific budget, but what I'm willing to pay depends on the quality of a design. I'll be more picky about these than I will be about MYO slots or character
[LF] Quad Artist Open for Trades/CommissionsEyoo so my main 'sona is in fact a werecat bc I'm extra. I've designed his human & anthro forms just fine, but tbqh quad anatomy escapes me. So I'm looking for someone willing to make art of him in his quad form.
Anthro ref:

Some details would include the one ring text(honestly you can draw squiggles in a circle) on his chest and the draco constellation on his hip/bum still, and it would be nice to have him drawn still wearing his glasses and possible a green cloak?(similar in colour to the lighter part of the sweater in his ref?)
I'm looking for basically any quality quad art and am interested in a variety of styles. I'm willing to pay(points only currently!) or trade art/custom designs of my own(customs would be human or anthro obviously!)
You can find examples of my art in my commission journal:

I am also willing to trade characters from this folder for art!:
[PENDING] Gen 1 Flufferbun UFT - leaving speciesAah I keep staring at this smol grouch and thinking I should re-design him for gen 2 but... Honestly I'm just really not vibing with the species anymore?? Note that it's not anything to do with Gen 2, it's just that the species is cute but not quite my thing, since some people seem concerned over that. ;v;
This is the registration sheet from when he was created. Whoever gets him is welcome to change his name, but I ask that you keep the other details such as his stuffy attitude This is the only flufferbun I've owned, and as he's registered he can be grandfathered in under the updated rules. He also has additional art from the SS event.
(has a black cloak version as well)
He is already on TH, and if you have an account & trade for him I can transfer him to you there if you give me your username!
Art - mostly looking for humanoid art of these characters: [x], [x

Potion Hydroponics by littlegrimoire Potion Hydroponics by littlegrimoire Potion Hydroponics by littlegrimoire

For the love of Eru and all the Earthen Gods....

Yes you may draw my characters (Stamp) by AviseyaI love when people draw my characters stamp by ReiirinPermission Stamp by cinyuDo Not Repost Button by Mel-RoseyNo Beggin' for Points by Drache-Lehre
thank you for the fav stamp by fear-the-brillianceThank You For The... Stamp by Mirz123thank you! stamp by piijeniusComments Make My Day by pjukStamp: Love Commenters by Flame-of-the-Phoenix


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I'm so glad my friends and I sat under the same tree as you today so I was able to catch a glance at your art!! Your gallery is full of cute stuff and I look forward to your art gracing my inbox! :heart:
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KoalaDrawz Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! What happened to the flufferbun DTA? ;3;
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Hinaichu Featured By Owner May 22, 2017  Student Digital Artist
hi hon! <33 tell me if there is something wrong! <333
commission: skyjynx by Hinaichu   commission: skyjynx by Hinaichu  
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Who made your icon?
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cactusdoqqo Featured By Owner May 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
aaaaa, i love you code boxes,,,

do you have any thats like, tea themed ??? :00
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